Chris Green for Smith County Sheriff

I value our Constitution, and I will uphold your rights as Smith County Sheriff. I let my Christian and constitutional Conservative values guide me..

I love this great county, but I’ve seen first-hand the problems we need to address immediately.

Expenses are out of Control

Law enforcement is the most expensive cost to the taxpayers of Smith County. Our taxes have been raised, but our law enforcement isn’t properly using those tax dollars.

The citizens of this county deserve a truly conservative leader committed to using what we have more efficiently while lowering costs.


Reduce Wasteful Management Surplus

We have too many supervisors and not enough boots on the ground..I will assess where the management redundancies are and eliminate them to reduce overall expenses.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Smith County has had more than 200 fleet accidents since 2013. the highest insurance costs of all counties with a Texas Association of Counties insurance policy.

Our law enforcement officers need to be held to higher safety standards. I will reduce at-fault fleet accidents by any means necessary, even holding leaders accountable and revoke the privilege of driving a county vehicle for personal purposes.

House Federal Inmates in Smith County

When the jail was first built, the taxpayers of this county were promised it would house federal inmates. Jails that house federal inmates receive federal funding. Where are those federal inmates? Why aren’t we bringing more revenue into Smith County?

In my first 90 days, I will work with the Marshall Service and let them know we can house at least 75 to 100 federal inmates, increasing revenue for the county. We will also work with ICE to provide a central detention center for illegal immigrants.

There Aren’t Enough Boots on the Ground

Of our 283 sworn sheriff’s office personnel, there are 53 supervisors. That’s a ratio of nearly one supervisor to every five employees. That ratio is unacceptable. It’s cost-inefficient and leaves rural Smith County without adequate officers to patrol the rural areas.


We have a surplus of brass and a lack of boots on the ground to keep our communities safe. I will streamline unneeded administrative positions and trim the fat.

In my first 90 days, I will consult with top-ranking officials, assess where the redundancies are, and make the cuts necessary to save the taxpayers money.

Low Retention Rate for Jail Employees

Law enforcement salaries have increased by 19% over the last three years. However, retention rates for our jailers, dispatchers, and patrol deputies are still much lower than they should be.

I am very grateful that Smith County’s leaders have seen the need to compensate our law enforcement. However, this indicates that our retention woes aren’t a crisis of pay but a crisis of management.


As your sheriff, I will restore morale by developing new strategies to find solutions to these issues. I will value the opinions of those whom I lead who risk their lives daily and have the most intimate knowledge of the issues affecting our county.

I will meet with jail leaders to talk about changing our system from two twelve-hour shifts to three eight-hour shifts. Doing this will increase our retention rate and provide a safer environment for all working in the jails.

Our Jails are DAngerously Understaffed

This is no secret. Our jails are understaffed. This not only costs the county money,it also threatens the welfare of jail staff and inmates. Overcrowed and understaffed jails are a danger to everyone within those walls.

We’ve had seven failed jail inspections and 11 in-custody inmate deaths. We can and must do better for everyone involved.


I will work to find non-incarceration options for mental health patients and non-violent offenders.  I will examine medical costs per inmate to deterine where we can work with Judges to release those with monitoring devices and not a danger to society.  Our detention officers are overworked and exhausted, so I will find ways to improve the officer-to-inmate ratios.

By finding ways to rehabilitate non-violent offenders, we can reduce crowding in our jail. With reduced crowding, we can improve our retention rate for employees.

Ultimately, this will save the citizens of Smith County money since we won’t have to continuously train as many new employees as often as we currently do.

We Lack Constitutionally Conservative Leadership

Around this nation, we are facing unprecedented times. Politicians and pundits are actively opposing our God-given rights and the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. Your right to keep and bear arms is on the verge of being infringed upon.


I will not allow your Second Amendment rights to be trampled upon in our county. This country we love has reached a point of uncertainty. It will take a strong, constitutionally-sound leader to protect your rights.

I will not allow any executive order to seize your firearms to be enacted in the county, and I will protect the constitutional rights of every Smith County citizen.