I have been a resident of Smith County for over three decades. My wife, Kelli, and I have two children: Braxton and Elli. My family has been very blessed by the residents of Smith County, especially the support shown towards my son.

I have been in law enforcement for more than 30 years, having the duty & powers of a state peace officer to enforce all laws of Texas. I was an active Game Warden for 20 years and serving 10 years as a Special Game Warden Reserve, with much of that time spent in Smith County.

I have also been a small business owner, which gave me experience budgeting, managing employees, and making a payroll.

I view my candidacy as an opportunity to give back to the people by continuing to serve honestly and ethically.


Bachelor of Business Administration - Dallas Baptist University


For 30 years, I was a Texas Parks and Wildlife State Game Warden. I spent the majority of that time in Smith County.

I’ve spent decades in law enforcement, and I understand how the system works. Unfortunately, I’ve also seen how our system has failed the citizens of this great county. Because I’ve seen it all, I know where we need to start.

I know what it takes to keep our communities safe, and I’ll prioritize these tasks during my first 90 days as your Smith County Sheriff:

  • Improving officer retention
  • Optimizing our communication systems
  • Utilizing reserve deputies to improve county-wide coverage
  • Eliminating staff redundancies
  • Reducing at-fault fleet accidents
  • Improving responses to mental health cases
  • Saving the taxpayers money


  • Advanced Boat Accident Investigator (one of five in the State)
  • Award of Excellence – 2009 Smith County
  • Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master Peace Officer Certifications
  • Boat Accident Instructor (one of four in the State)
  • Boating Safety Officer of the Year – 2009
  • Child Abuse Prevention/Investigation Training
  • Crime Scene Training
  • Crisis Intervention Training
  • Cultural Diversity & Racial Profiling Training
  • Emergency Management Training
  • Fingerprint Training
  • Human Trafficking Training
  • Hunter Education Instructor
  • Management & Supervision Training
  • National Association of Safe Boating Law Administrators Marine Safety Officer of the Year – 2009 (all 50 states)
  • Peace Officer of the Year – 1996 Hopkins County
  • Southern States Boating Law Administrators Association Marine Safety Officer of the Year – 2009 (lower 17 states)
  • TCOLE Firearms Instructor, TPWD Firearms Instructor
  • Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Instructor
  • TPWD Background Investigator for potential Game Warden applicants
  • TPWD Boat Operations Training Officer TPWD Media Representative – Tyler District)
  • TPWD Field Training Officer
  • Use of Force Training


  • County Peace Officers Association
  • Game Warden Association
  • Game Warden Peace Officer Association
  • Mayor’s roundtable concerning Lake Tyler (emeritus)
  • Meals on Wheels Board of Directors
  • National Rifle Association
  • Sheriff’s Association of Texas