Chris Green for Smith County Sheriff

When elected Smith County Sheriff, I will take these actions during my first 90 days.

  1. I will start by having a staff review to listen to ideas and provide goals and equipment needed for success in running an efficient and trustworthy department.

  2. I will meet with the local chiefs of police, constables, JP’s, and District Attorney offices to assure them we will work well together and listen to what they need from the Smith County Sheriff's Office to better serve the citizens of Smith County.

  3. I will review the Policy and Procedures that were written and put in place on January 1, 2013, and ensure they adhere to modern law enforcement methodology.

  4. I will assign an experienced deputy to communications to improve county-wide response times and ensure phone reports are written properly.

  5. I will utilize reserve deputies to cover the county better. Doing this will allow full-time deputies to take time off to be with their families, boost our officer retention rate and, ultimately, save the taxpayers money.

  6. I will look into replacing the communications software to improve comms with patrol units and other agencies in Smith County.

  7. I will contact the US Marshall Service and let them know we can take in at least seventy-five to one hundred federal inmates, bringing federal funds into our county. T3A and T3B units hold a total of 96 inmates. Currently, those tanks sit empty because we do not have officers to man the housing units. It costs Smith County approximately $45 a day to house an inmate. We can charge $55 a day to house federal inmates. At full staff, we can house these inmates, we can generate $350,000. a year.

  8. I will work with ICE to establish a central location for those who enter this country illegally. Our administration will work with other surrounding counties in establishing a location to securely hold these inmates and apply for a grant to defer the cost from the taxpayers.

  9. I will examine all staff positions and justify why they exist and make changes as needed. I will determine where there are opportunities to streamline and eliminate redundancies, saving the taxpayers money.

  10. I will reduce our “at fault” fleet accidents.

  11. I will have sit-downs with every agency in Smith County to discuss the medical costs of incarcerating a mentally-ill person. I will show the taxpayers how much it costs them to house an inmate each day.

  12. I'll immediately work with jail staff to find solutions to the inmate to correction officer ratio.